Tax lot 4900

Portion of land identified as tax lot 4900, overlapping the track at Seaside High School and bordered by red.

The Seaside School District hopes to work out a potential kink in the sale of the former Seaside High School campus.

With ownership of a tax lot on the former school property in question, negotiations between Clatsop County and the school district are underway, district finance manager Justine Hill said.

“We don’t believe the property lines will be a deciding factor in the sale not going through,” she said last week at a meeting of the district’s citizen oversight committee on school construction.

Tax lot 4900 was originally deeded to the Seaside School District by its owners, Leonard and Eleanor Kiser, in 1956.

But when the school district failed to pay property taxes on the 0.82-acre property, the county foreclosed in 1961.

The county retains ownership, even as the parcel is included in the school’s sales packet. The school district’s board of directors authorized Superintendent Susan Penrod to negotiate and execute a $3.2 million contract for the sale.

Hill said the district is in conversations with the county to resolve the issues of potential property lines, whether it involves a retroactive tax payment, a lien payment, potential land swap or other remedy.

“We’re working on a resolution with them,” Hill said, “Just working out how that works best for us that we can sell and how it works best for the county.”

A potential buyer of Gearhart Elementary School is in the due diligence phase, she said.

There has been no official offer on Broadway Middle School, she added.

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