Spruce Drive and nearby residents will see a bump in construction traffic as work begins on The Heights Elementary School, Cary Bubenik of Hoffman Construction told the Seaside School District’s School Construction Citizen Oversight Committee on Tuesday, May 14.

With the district’s architect and construction teams finalizing schedules, work is expected to begin in June and continue through summer 2020. The Heights will be closed to all community access this summer.

The renovation at The Heights is part of the $99.7 million plan approved by voters in 2016 to move schools out of the tsunami zone. Students from Gearhart Elementary will join students in the Heights’ renovated building September 2020.

Workers on the middle and high school site have been using Beerman Creek Road, including most concrete and heavy materials delivery.

Hoffman Construction, BRIC Architecture and the school district will be presenting their plans at a barbecue at the Heights on June 8, Bubenik said, with the goal of reaching out to local residents.

“The push this summer will be the metal (gym) building and the site work for the existing school, and seismic upgrades to the extent we can get it done,” Bubenik said. “There’s going to be a lot more truck traffic for the Heights.”

Expected traffic includes workers coming and going to the site and materials for the gym building.

Once the access road from the Heights to the middle and high school building is complete, Beerman Creek Road access will “go away,” Bubenik said, with the exception of large concrete or material trucks.

Work at The Heights gym is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Work ahead at the middle and high school site include water and stormwater management, electrical, data, gas and sewer line work.

Further uphill, the city will begin work on a new reservoir concurrent to meet the new school’s water needs.

After completion of the access road, the bulk of the high school work will come up Spruce, Bubenik said.

By summer’s end, masonry, gravel, and concrete trucks will be “somewhat minimized,” project manager Jim Henry added.

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