Parking amendment

After a Planning Commission recommendation, the City Council will consider an amendment to reduce parking requirements throughout the city.

Seaside could take a step toward a more urban lifestyle, if the City Council adopts an amendment to eliminate or reduce parking requirements throughout the city.

The amendment, a product of Planning Commission work sessions, aims to eliminate parking requirements for above-ground apartments over commercial uses within the downtown core area, and to relax requirements for one-bedroom or studio apartments within all zones.

The aim, Planning Commission Chairman Chris Hoth said at Tuesday’s meeting, is to make workforce housing more economical for developers and provide more affordable housing for tenants.

According to Planning Director Kevin Cupples, the current standard specifies two spots per dwelling unit, regardless of the number of bedrooms or where they are located. The requirements place “a significant impact” on the amount of backup land necessary to develop smaller apartments or multifamily dwellings, which in turn drives up the land cost to develop smaller rental housing.

Public Works Director Dale McDowell warned at a previous meeting that an unintended side effect may be parked cars blocking periodic street cleaning.

Signage could notify the public of street-cleaning dates, Cupples said. “I’m confident that if there’s additional signage that needs to be done to restrict parking to have adequate street sweeping, the public works director is going to get it done.”

“What we’re voting on tonight is sending this to the City Council,” Hoth said. “They can decide if it’s strict or not strict enough. We’re sending it as a recommendation.”

The motion to send the amendment to the council for consideration passed unanimously.

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