Erik Thorsen and Jeanette K. Schacher

Columbia Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer Erik Thorsen addresses Seaside City Council. Medical Group Director Jeanette K. Schacher is at his right.

CEO Erik Thorsen came before the City Council to announce Jan. 6 as the projected opening date of the Columbia Memorial Hospital primary care and urgent care clinic at the Seaside Outlet Mall.

A private, not-for-profit organization, the new clinic will follow the model of CMH’s Warrenton clinic, offering primary care, urgent care, X-ray and labs.

Thorsen described the “culture of Planetree,” a model of care that puts the patient in the center of all care provided.

“We really try hard to put a patient’s needs before our own,” Thorsen said. “That could be something from the way our facilities look and feel, so they don’t look so institutional, it could be making sure all your spiritual needs are being met regardless of your faith, and food, people feel food is an important part of the healing process.”

CMH has 704 caregivers right now, he said, with 90 medical providers, both staff and independent physicians.

CMH maintains a 10-year collaboration with OHSU, which provides cardiology, emergency, urology and care for general surgery.

He anticipates 25 to 30 new “full-time family-wage jobs” will open through the new Seaside clinic.

CMH Medical Group Director of Operations Jeanette Shacher said urgent care will be open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and other services available five days a week.

Extended hours will come as more providers come to the community, possibly to 12 hours, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A pharmacy will make home deliveries as well as retail sales. Pharmacy services will be available seven days a week.

A women’s services provider will be at the site three days a week, along with a nurse practitioner for primary care.

“We’ll add to that throughout the year, including a podiatrist and a general surgeon once a week,” Schacher said.

A primary care physician will be added in August.

Schacher said the clinic will offer community health resources, including assistance finding food stamps or housing resources, among other concerns. A social worker or family transitional planner will help with social or chronic health issues.

Thorsen stressed the organization’s investment in the community.

He asked Seaside officials “where and how we can get involved and engaged in this community.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to help you with that,” Barber said.

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