Reservoir road

City crews will soon begin work on a reservoir tank in the East Hills.

In July the city approved a $5.64 million contract to build a 5-million-gallon reservoir to supply the new school and surrounding areas.

At the Monday, July 22, City Council meeting, council members voted twice by title for a resolution to annex the land it sits on. The land is owned by the Seaside School District after being donated by Weyerhaeuser Co. in 2015 for construction of the new middle and high school campus outside of the tsunami zone.

“It is the normal process to bring something into the urban growth boundary, and when time dictates and need dictates, have it annexed then into the city of Seaside,” City Manager Mark Winstanley said. “In this case, need came very quickly.”

After the third reading and potential adoption on Monday, Aug. 5, the property will be turned over to the city, which is funding the water tank.

“The city would like to have the new water tank in the city, not outside in the county,” Winstanley said, adding they run into “cross-jurisdictional issues” when attempting to do a project on county property. “We would like to see the remaining parts of this property brought into our jurisdiction, where we can continue to handle the property as far as our laws are concerned.”

Once the reservoir is built, older pump stations currently serving the area — including nearby communities like Sunset Hills and Whispering Pines — will be decommissioned.

Work is expected to begin in August, completed concurrently at the time of the opening of the new school in September 2020.

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