Barrel storage

Barrels like this one will be available to Gearhart residents for a fee, to be stored near the reservoir site east of U.S. Highway 101.

“You bring them. You pack them. We store them.”

So read the flyers available at Gearhart City Hall as Gearhart offers residents the opportunity to store personal belongings in a cache storage area near the city’s water tank on Salminen Road.

Residents will have the option to purchase and house cache containers, to be stored in a large conex bin. The contents are determined by residents and meant to provide emergency supplies.

“People will buy the drums and then rent the space,” City Administrator Chad Sweet said at the Wednesday, Jan. 8, City Council meeting.

Suggested storage items include tents or tarps, sleeping bags, water storage containers, warm clothing, first-aid kit, sanitation supplies, batteries and cookware.

“We’d like this to be a supplement to your 72-hour bag,” Sweet said. “At home, nearby or in your car, everyone should have a pack that gets you through the next three days.”

A 30-gallon poly-plastic drum with lid will be stored at a cost $40 per year.

Barrels are available for purchase between $60 and $80.

The city owns two cargo containers 20-feet long placed on the concrete pad at the site of the water tank. Staff will have access and be able to pull people’s barrels twice a year to allow changes.

The evacuation site will open for owners to add, remove or rotate their personal cache items twice each year, in April and October.

“In an emergency, the containers will be accessible by key to the emergency managers of the town, police chief, fire chief, maybe a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member, we’re still working that out,” Sweet said.

The program is expandable, depending on how many residents sign up.

While gasoline, kerosene or plastic water bottles will not be permitted, firearms will also be accepted for storage, Sweet said. “We’ve decided not to restrict those. We’re more worried about liquid fuels.”

To prevent vandalism, “there will be a camera system and some very good locks,” he added.

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