California wildfire

Seaside firefighters joined the battle against California wildfires.

Local firefighters quickly geared up to join crews fighting fires throughout the state, Seaside Fire Chief Joey Daniels said Tuesday.

They were headed to the command post at Chemeketa Community College to camp on the baseball field, Gearhart firefighter Chad Sweet said.

In total, Clatsop County has about 27 firefighters out of the county fighting fires.

Firefighters left Seaside early Tuesday morning, led by Div. Chief David Rankin, and apparatus from Gearhart, Knappa, Olney Walluski, Astoria, and Nehalem Bay in Tillamook County, Daniels said.

Gearhart firefighters joined the county task force, fighting the Beachie Fire and the Powerline Fire near Hagg Lake, the city reported Wednesday and assisting with evacuations.

Three Gearhart firefighters, along with five Seaside firefighters spent more than two weeks in California fighting fire at the LNU Lightning Complex fire in Napa Valley, based out of Calistoga, California. They returned home last week.

During the California response, a tree fell on a Seaside brush truck, but no one was injured, Rankin added. The truck is under repair in Santa Rosa, California, and should return to service within two to three weeks.

Burn ban

On the North Coast, high winds on Monday brought down trees overnight into Tuesday and heavy smoke throughout the region.

“A lot of the county public safety agencies were out most of the night dealing with down lines and trees,” Daniels said.

Daniels issued an urgent warning to local residents to refrain from all fires, including campfires, leaf-burning, fire pits and barbecues.

Gearhart has also banned all open burning and the use of chainsaws except for emergencies.

“These are very trying times throughout the state and we want to please push the message that no fires are allowed due to the current situation,” Daniels said.

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