Broadway Middle School is now owned by the Sunset Park and Recreation District. The sale closing, at $2.15 million, took place last Friday.

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District board member Celeste Bodner said the district’s objective is a hub for the community that promotes recreation for all ages.

The district hopes to increase child care, preschool and after-school activities, expand indoor recreation activities for all residents and contribute to the local economy through sports tourism.

“The acquisition of this building will facilitate this goal and benefit our community for decades to come,” Bodner said.

Marketed by the Seaside School District at $2.9 million, 3 acres of the 5.4-acre property at 1120 Broadway are zoned medium-density residential and the remaining portion general commercial. The 73,000-square-foot building includes the school, two gyms, cafeteria and kitchen.

Potential partners going forward include the city, which leases portions of the middle school property from the school district, and the school district, which has shown interest in leasing part of the property as gym overflow and locker rooms for sporting events at Broadway Field.

The middle school is among school district properties relocated to the new Spruce Drive location outside of the tsunami inundation zone.

Cannon Beach Elementary School sold to Cannon Beach last spring. Robert and Timi Morey, of Scofi LLC, purchased Gearhart Elementary School in November. With the sale of Broadway Middle School, only Seaside High School remains to close escrow.

HTA Properties LLC, a development firm based in Gearhart, has a pending $3.2 million contract on the property.

“The due diligence at the high school is moving along, as expected,” Susan Penrod, superintendent of the Seaside School District, said. “I do not have an update on the closing date.”

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