Northwest corner

The northwest corner of the Seaside Civic and Convention Center, under renovation.

Groups booking the Seaside Civic and Convention Center will be paying a little bit more, but they’ll still be getting a good value, Russ Vandenberg, the center’s general manager, said at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Vandenberg sought a facility rate hike at the center, presenting a fee schedule to adjust valuation of newly expanded and renovated meeting rooms including additional cost of labor, supplies, utilities and maintenance expenses.

The cost to rent the center is about $1,500 per day, Vandenberg said.

Groups pay $600 per day and after the increase will pay about $800. The remaining portion of the cost of operations is paid by a percentage of the city’s transient occupancy tax.

With new, larger rooms after the expansion, rate increase is warranted, he said.

“I hear it from our clients, our associates in the field that our rates are most reasonably priced of all the centers throughout the state,” Vandenberg said. “They appreciate the fact that they can bring an event to Seaside and they can reduce the cost of their delegates to attend these functions. In turn, they get larger attendance when they come to Seaside, not only because of the location, but because of the affordability of our convention center.”

Organizations booking rooms now may lock in the lower rate through 2025. Groups registered as 501(c)3s receive a 25 percent discount.

“I feel this rate is proportionally correct,” Vandenberg said. “I’ve had it reviewed by my commission members, and I’ve asked staff to do this and they agree that it’s the right time and appropriate.”

Construction on the northwest portion of the convention center is anticipated to be completed by April 17. When that area is available as an entry point from the parking lot, crews will renovate the remainder of the main lobby.

The final phase of the project will be the mezzanine and the administration office, those two areas are scheduled for mid-July or August.

The expansion will bring an increase from 22,000 net square feet to 28,000 square feet of usable rental space. The building’s total square footage is 45,000, but lobby areas, storage and offices, among other areas, are not figured in the net square footage.

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