The Adamson brothers

Nate and Zach Adamson are Adamson Bros Jiu Jitsu.

“We’re often mistaken for twins,” Zach Adamson said, in the newly refurbished reception area of Adamson Bros. Jiu Jitsu Academy at 1601 Roosevelt Drive.

The vast interior of the building has been undergoing an extensive makeover. “I’m the younger bro,” he said. “Nate’s two years older.”

Adamson Bros. Jiu Jitsu Academy is for anyone interested in martial arts. At the helm of this comprehensive education center are the bros, who offer not only training in Jiu Jitsu, but yoga, Pilates, strength training, power training, wrestling and judo.

Nate and Zach Adamson opened in this location in 2008. They are locals and Seaside High School graduates.

Their jiujitsu is Japanese-based, American-modified and Brazilian-influenced. It’s designed to increase power and boost confidence. It’s also a formidable tool for learning the art of self-defense.

The practice is not only physical. Jiujitsu, one might say, is a catalyst for self-discovery. It’s an agent of change and teaches people how to feel more at ease in uncomfortable situations.

The academy has 10 instructors, each with their own specialty. The majority of students attend classes, but private sessions are available.

More than 100 students are enrolled, ranging in age from three to 75. The academy offers introductory classes, intermediate classes and advanced training and education. Classes are mixed. Right now the academy has about 50 women in training. Many of the adult students work in law enforcement.

The brothers are well-traveled, participating and attending martial arts competitions and trainings in far-flung corners of the world; through their travels they’ve invited international visitors from all over the globe to stay in Seaside for a month at a time and teach at the academy.

The academy is also multilingual.

“We have instructors who speak German, Spanish, even Arabic,” Zach said.

“We’re creating family here,” Nate said. “Most people train three times a week. We have fun.”

Many students travel over an hour to train at the academy, he said, from Washington, along the coast and the Portland area. The Adamson Bros. are respected in their field.

“Jiujitsu is a lifestyle I’ve felt the benefits of first hand for 15 years,” Zach said. “I love helping people achieve their personal goals and dreams.”

Nate called jiujitsu “a sport, a self-defense and a complete lifestyle. It helps people grow tremendously as individuals while instilling friendship and team work. Our academy is dedicated to building a better community, as well as better human beings.”

For more information about instructors and classes, call 503-738-4080 or check them out on Facebook, or visit

“Give us two hours a week and we can transform you,” Zach said. “Plus, this is a great place to network.”

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