An upper-level window and a lager tank at the Times Theater & Public House, located at 130 Broadway, were damaged from gunfire last Thursday night.

The theater was occupied at the time, however no one was injured during the incident, general manager Kerri Lambert said.

“We had two cooks closing up, the one server, two customers in the bar and myself,” Lambert said. “The patrons thought someone had dropped a tray. It honestly took me several minutes to find the damage as our initial reaction was that it was gunfire.”

Shortly after 10 p.m. Thursday, police responded to the downtown area after officers heard what sounded like multiple gun shots being fired. At the same time, there were calls from the public reporting shots fired in the area of Avenue A and South Columbia Street.

“I called the non-emergency number then as I knew that they were already in search of where the shots had come.” Lambert said. “The window partially fell out awhile after police arrived and then Seaside Fire knocked out the rest after officers were confident they had gathered the evidence.”

Lambert said staff went through a rundown of other possibilities, looking in the back alley and the parking garage behind the theater for anyone injured, smoke or the smell from firecrackers after past experiences.

“We didn’t find anything so my server, who had been leaving at the time, left for home and I came back inside and decided to check out the brewery. I turned on the light and could hear a weird almost dripping sound every few seconds and finally discovered the window in front of our lager tanks had two large exit holes and the tank had a dent in it.”

The theater, which debuted in 1940, was remodeled and reopened as the Times Theatre & Public House in 2018.

Police are requesting assistance to help identify a suspect in this case. Contact Sgt. Josh Gregory with the Seaside Police Department at 503-738-6311.

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