Gearhart’s Alix Meier Goodman and Tom Goodman experienced the magic themselves when they attended pianist Hunter Noack’s concert in Starbuck, Washington.

“We brought our refreshments and chairs, dressed casually and watched everyone listening,” Alix Goodman recalled of the 2019 “In a Landscape” performance where concertgoers heard the music through headphones. “The headphones have enough ‘reach’ that we spent part of the time climbing the foothills above their concert venue, the town stockyard, and could still hear.”

With the support of the Goodmans and other local music-lovers, “In a Landscape: Classical Music in the Wild,” is coming to Gearhart Aug. 13 and Aug. 14 with concerts in Lesley Miller Dunes Meadow Park at 6 p.m.

With support from the business community and individual donors, In a Landscape has visited almost 100 destinations since 2016, among them the Astoria Column in 2017 and Cannon Beach in 2018 and 2019.

Cannon Beach’s Minott Wessinger, with GreenWood Resources, hosted concerts on their property with a view over Haystack Rock, Noack said. “Not only did they host the concert, they financially supported the concert, brought in food and beer trucks, set up a picnic area with lawn games for while people are their pre or post concert meal, set up hay bales for scattered seating and most incredible, carved trails through the woods complete with tree identification signs and lighting.”

This year’s concert had originally been planned for the timberlands again. But getting to the concert site would have required the audience to ride in shuttles up the mountain, Noack said, not a viable option amid the pandemic.

The Noacks scouted the area and selected Lesley Miller Dunes Meadow Park in Gearhart.

“I was thrilled when Hunter and Lori scouted it out, agreed the location would be feasible and put it on their schedule,” Alix Goodman said. “My husband loves classical music and thought being able to experience it, casually and in a beautiful setting.”

The Goodmans and others, including longtime In a Landscape supporter Mort Bishop, set their sites on bringing the experience to Gearhart. Their team of supporters enabled the Friday night concert, Noack said, and GreenWood Resources provided funding for Saturday’s event.

“The city of Gearhart has been supportive of the process once they understood the nature of our concerts,” Noack said. “These events are really more than just concerts. They are a way to encourage people to immerse themselves in nature, an introduction to live classical music for man and a safe way for people of all different backgrounds to come together in an uplifting and inspiring community gathering of locals, part-time residents and some visitors.”

A large number of tickets has been held for purchase by Gearhart residents only, Noack said. An additional 20 tickets will be given to the Gearhart Fire Department to distribute to locals unable to purchase a ticket.

The Gearhart Fire Department will receive a portion of the revenue from the Aug. 13 concert. “When we learned that the Gearhart fireman’s annual ball was canceled for a second year, we wanted to find a way to show our support of the community,” Lori Noack said.

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