Sunset Recreation Center

Help wanted: Feasibility consultant for the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District.

On March 30 the park district delivered a request for proposal seeking a consultant for a comprehensive strategy at the Sunset Recreation Center. According to the request, the district is accepting proposals for a consultant to assist with the process of guiding the district in developing a comprehensive strategy to determine the highest and best use for the former Broadway Middle School building that “advances the district’s vision, mission and objectives.”

The middle school was sold to the park district for $2.15 million in January as Seaside School District properties relocated to the new Spruce Drive location outside of the tsunami inundation zone.

The consultant selected will be expected to provide strategic planning, marketing and statistical analysis of the facility.

Programming, economic impacts and land use will be among topics of the final report. Authors will be expected to analyze ways to increase child care options, expand indoor recreation options for all residents, and contribute to the local economy through a sports tourism strategy, including camps or clinics.

The report will be expected to identify grants, collaborative investment agreements and tenant improvement contributions available to the district.

“This is referring to a partner that might have aspirations of partnering with the district for a part of the property and was willing to contribute revenues to the district for that and-or other improvements,” Skyler Archibald, executive director of the park district, said.

The board selection committee of Celeste Bodner and Michael Hinton will bring several options to the full board for their review and selection in May, Archibald said. The park district would then schedule a special meeting to make the final selection. A contract could be signed by May 26.

The park district’s board of directors anticipates delivery of the proposal within six months.

Three meetings in April and May are planned to invite public comment related to the recreation center planning process: child care and youth programs, recreation for all, and sports tourism.

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