Volunteers are needed to organize the Seaside Fourth of July Parade for 2015.

Anyone who would like to volunteer is invited to a meeting at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 4 in the Seaside Library’s community room.

For the past 27 years, the Seaside Museum and Historical Society has put on the parade, but the museum’s board of directors voted at its July meeting to discontinue organizing the annual event.

The project was taken over by a small group of community members, including Gini Dideum, from the Beach Drive Buccaneers, and her husband, Tom; Darren Gooch, from the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District; Laurie Mespelt, director of the Seaside Downtown Development Association; Chris Duffy, events coordinator at the Seaside Chamber of Commerce; Larry Kriegshauser, who directs the Fourth of July fireworks show; Fred Loser; and Seaside City Councilor Tita Montero.

Dideum, the point person for the parade group, said volunteers are needed to take on smaller jobs. “That way, we’re just going to spread out (the work) among people who can help.”

“If I get 20 volunteers, I’m happy; if I get 100, I’m ecstatic,” she said.

Volunteers will have a variety of responsibilities to choose from, some that will take place before the event and some to do directly on the Fourth of July. The tasks include registering entries, contacting participants, preparing the parade route and helping the parade run smoothly.

Dideum said she hopes to delegate most of the work to a broad core of volunteers so each person has a manageable task.

“I’ll just make sure it gets done,” she said.

At least one member of the parade group will work as a representative with the umbrella Seaside Fourth of July Committee, which is composed of individuals who are responsible for all the different aspects of Seaside’s Fourth of July festivities. It is “just the purest form of a community committee,” Seaside Chamber of Commerce President Susan Huntington said.

Because there are procedures in place from years past, Huntington said, it makes the Fourth of July Committee’s job easier – they recycle a lot of tried-and-true methods and must abide by state restrictions for things such as beach use. The same goes for the parade group, Dideum said, who agreed the city as a whole is no stranger to putting on elaborate Fourth of July activities.

“We’ve done this for so many years,” she said.

The parade group will use past Fourth of July parades and the chamber’s Yuletide in Seaside Parade of Lights as references for organizing this year’s event.

The group also will continue to rely on assistance from the city, as the museum did in the past. The Seaside Police Department and Seaside Fire & Rescue traditionally help with blocking off the parade route, providing emergency services and crowd and traffic control. Seaside Public Works helps with trash and clean up.

“It’s just important that we keep coordinating with all these people,” Dideum said.

Primary aspects of the parade, such as the route, will not change. The event still will feature floats and drum and bugle corps.

“I think, essentially, the parade will still be the same fantastic community parade,” Dideum said.

As for a budget, she said the parade group hasn’t gotten that far yet. She knows some minor costs will be associated with the parade, but she is unsure of the specifics.

The parade group is working on obtaining liability insurance, rewriting the parade plan and fixing the event website, but most of the work will take place next year.

Those who cannot make the November community meeting but would like more information about volunteering for the parade can contact Dideum at gdideum@hotmail.com


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