Elk harvested after shucking net

Elk with netting in Gearhart.

GEARHART — Residents were distressed after seeing elk encumbered by a tomato cage and a volleyball net over the past few weeks, enough so to contact Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to find a remedy. A bull with a volleyball net on its horns and a cow with the metal cage were reported and photographed throughout the community.

In regards to the two elk that had the adornment, it appears like the cow shucked the tomato cage, wildlife biologist Herman Biederbeck of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Friday. “We can’t seem to find an elk with that thing on it anymore.”

According to Biederbeck, the bull, in a bizarre series of events actually transferred the remnants of the volleyball net to another bull, which was then subsequently harvested earlier this week by an elk hunter.

“It appears like we have no more issues,” Biederbeck said.


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