View from the campus

Panoramic view from the high school and middle school campus.

The Seaside School District hopes to finally close the door on its campus construction project at Seaside High School and Middle School.

The high school gym vestibule doors are the last project to be completed after the original installation leaked into the building.

“For the December milestones, the program has completed the permitting documents for the gym vestibule work and that work has started construction as of yesterday, which is a great thing to see,” Brian Hardebeck, project manager from DAY CPM, said. “And we can report we are still maintaining dryness at all of the openings. So that’s a great thing for this early in the wintertime.”

Hardebeck said he expected the majority of the work to be completed in December.

Hardebeck presented the last general obligation bond report from construction management to the school district board earlier this month.

The process began following the passage of a $99.7 million bond in late 2016 to build a new campus outside the tsunami zone. Construction started about a year later.

Since that time, the construction budget has risen to about $132 million — along with the voter bond, paid for by interest, grants, forestry revenues and state funding.

DAY CPM will continue to monitor for any warranty items of a longer duration, Hardebeck said, including roofing, windows and other construction materials.

The original project manager, Jim Henry, was on the Zoom call with the school district’s board.

Henry worked with three superintendents during his time as project manager, including Doug Dougherty, Sheila Roley and Susan Penrod.

Hardebeck took over as project manager this year.

“It will be hard to give it up,” Henry said. “It’s been enjoyable and feels like I’m part of the family and you’re part of my family.”

Henry said he would be watching future school district board meetings via Zoom. “You got me hooked,” he said. “So thank you for everything, and your community.”

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