District completes annual scheduled maintenance

Lifeguard Lindsey Wolfe watches over the Sunset Pool from a new lifeguard stand, installed during the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District's annual maintenance, completed from Sept. 19 to 27. The pool reopened Sept. 28.

The Sunset Pool cleaned up its act during its recent annual maintenance shutdown. The pool, part of the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District, was closed from Sept. 19 through 27 while staff members thoroughly cleaned and painted the facility.

“We try to keep it from showing signs of age and wear, like putting foundation over wrinkles,” executive director Skyler Archibald said.

Most importantly, the women’s shower and locker room got new flooring and grates so water from the shower drains properly, Archibald said. In the past, water from the showers would puddle in areas in the bathroom. Staff sopped it up several times per day to prevent sanitary issues, “but it was unsightly,” Archibald said. The area also got new partition walls and toilets.

A new, taller lifeguard stand was positioned so the person on duty can oversee both bodies of water, the lap pool and warm-water pool, at one time.

District staff did most of the work, including painting and power-washing. The women’s bathroom project cost about $17,000 and the district contracted with a company in Portland.

District staff originally estimated the maintenance would take two weeks to complete and set a reopening date of Oct. 5. Since the work was finished early, the pool reopened a week earlier, Sept. 28.

Archibald said he did not receive complaints about the facility being closed to patrons during the annual maintenance shutdown.

“We try to schedule it at a time when it will impact as few people as possible,” Archibald said. Most patrons, he added, “understand there’s just certain things we can’t do when we’re open. This is a necessary thing we have to do to keep the place looking nice.”

The swim team was not meeting and there were no swim classes scheduled during the second half of September. Programming resumed last week.


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