Land slippage on the slope northeast of the Pacific Ridge Elementary School parking lot has been an ongoing concern during campus construction.

Crews hope to bolster that slope with removal of some surface soil and additional large rock buttress material further up the slope to curtail future movement, Brian Hardebeck, a senior project manager at Day CPM, said last week. The rock materials will come from off-site local quarry supplier, Knife River. The project will be the most extensive and longest project remaining, running right up to the start of school.

This and other measures are underway as the Seaside School District prepares to open for full-time, in-person classes in September. Design, permitting and getting final work in place by mid-August is the goal as the school district winds down its four-year, $131 million campus construction project.

Hardebeck provided an update at last Tuesday’s school board meeting on a “quiet but busy month” as the district reaches final completion. The project, approved by voters in 2016, moved Seaside’s schools from areas within the tsunami inundation zone to a safer location in the southeast hills.

Inside Pacific Ridge Elementary School, interior wood trim and final furniture delivery remain to be completed.

Outdoor work at the elementary school includes American With Disabilities Act-accessible ramps and a four-way intersection for “a little better enhanced transportation maneuvering at that intersection,” Hardebeck said.

At the track, drainage around the perimeter of the field is complete and field maintenance work continues.

Water being retained on the east end of the track “needs to go somewhere else,” Hardebeck said.

That project was slated to begin on Monday.

At the middle school and high school, exterior remediation to replace 22,000 linear square feet of weather barrier after the first application failed to meet specifications.

“We’ve kind of finished up with all the remediation, thank goodness, and we’re now we’re into the site remediation, which is basically, landscaping, planting and irrigation,” Hardebeck said. “All those systems are up and functioning as they are designed to do.”

At the west side entrance of the high school and middle school building, crews are striping two additional ADA parking spaces and implementing exterior safety modifications.

Architects are still finalizing the design completion for adding some gym door vestibules to eliminate the water intrusion issues on those entries.

Hoffman Construction Co. will be complete with the summer work project tasks by the end of August, completing their contracted scopes of work and will demobilize from the campus, Hardebeck said.

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