Convenience store at Seaside Chevron gets overhaul

The owner of the Chevron gas station near the south entrance to Seaside is planning to demolish the existing convenience store and build a new, larger one using the property directly north of the station. The project is anticipated to begin this spring.

SEASIDE — The owner of the Chevron gas station in south Seaside is replacing the existing convenience store with a new, larger building using the empty lot north of the site.

The Seaside Planning Commission at its meeting in January conditionally approved a request by applicant David Vonada of Tolovana Architects, on behalf of owner Marci Utti, to demolish the convenience store associated with the Chevron gas station and construct a new two-story building.

“We think it’s important, for the gateway to the community, to update things and keep things looking nice,” Utti said.

The property is located at 1215 S. Holladay Drive, off U.S. Highway 101, or Roosevelt Drive, and between avenues M and N.

Construction is slated to start this spring, depending on financing. Utti estimates the project will take about six months to complete.

The plan is to construct the new building and have it near completion before demolishing the old building to create “virtually no interruption to the business whatsoever,” Vonada said. Full services should continue throughout the entire project, which is important since it will take place throughout the summer months.

The new building will be approximately 3,700 square feet on the first story, which will be used primarily for retail sales. The second story, which will be used for office space and storage, will be approximately 1,290 square feet.

“It will be a major, major improvement over what’s there,” Vonada said. “I think it’s going to be an attractive building on all four sides.”

Landscaped areas are proposed on the east and west sides of the building. The site plan also proposes new sidewalks be built along Avenue M, adjacent to the back of the building, and a portion of Roosevelt Drive, to create a continuous public walkway along that road. However, Vonada said, the final configuration for Avenue M, which is an unimproved right-of-way, is subject to input from the Seaside Public Works Department.

A short-term bike parking rack is proposed near the northeast pedestrian walkway between the building and the sidewalk fronting Roosevelt Drive. Not counting the pump island parking spaces, a total of 12 off-street parking spaces in front of the building will be provided, according to a staff report from Planning Director Kevin Cupples.

“We don’t want to try to reinvent the function of the site,” Vonada said.

The design team and owner are in the process of pricing the project and completing construction and bidding documents; they will proceed with submitting applications for building permits in the early spring.

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