A wrongful death complaint and request for a jury trial has been filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court regarding an incident that occurred in 2013 at The Tides By the Sea in Seaside.

The plaintiffs are requesting about $4,366,000 in compensation for negligence they allege resulted in the death of David Lloyd Roach in August 2013, according to the complaint, filed April 23.

The lawsuit lists Norma S. Poitras (also known as Norma S. Ninomiya); Trent Johnson; and Tides Unit Owners Association and/or its unknown business entity and/or subsidiary as the defendants. Jeffrey P. Thayer, a lawyer in Salem, is representing the plaintiffs, Peter Roach and Andrew Roach, who are the personal representatives of the estate of David Lloyd Roach.

On Aug. 16, decedent David Roach was vacationing in Seaside with his family staying at rented units at The Tides By the Sea.

According to the complaint, David Roach “attempted to step up onto the deck (at unit No. 130) to join his son, fell backwards and struck his head on the ground.”

“The fall, and the resultant injuries, were caused by negligence of the defendants as hereinafter more specifically alleged,” the complaint states. “This fall, furthermore, proximately caused certain injuries to decedent David Roach, which, ultimately, resulted in his death.”

David Roach suffered fatal injuries to his head and brain, according to the complaint.

The complaint lists six particular ways in which the defendants – as owners, managers, caretakers, manufacturers and/or purchasers of the unit – were negligent.

At the time of David Roach’s death, Poitras was the owner of The Tides Condo No. 130, at 2316 Beach Drive, according to the complaint. Johnson was the property manager. Both were responsible, the plaintiffs claim, for the construction, maintenance, care, decoration and upkeep of unit No. 130.

The plaintiffs are asking for a sum not to exceed $3 million “for the pain and suffering” of David Roach and to compensate his heirs “for their loss of society and companionship.” The plaintiffs also are requesting approximately $278,376.70 for economic damages incurred from medical expenses and approximately $6,732.66 for funeral costs. Additionally, David Roach was the sole caretaker of his wife, Mary Roach, who suffers cognitive impairment, according to the complaint. The plaintiffs are requesting about $1,080,978.85 for past and future care expenses for her.


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