Josh Como has been named interim fire chief after the retirement of Gearhart Fire Chief Bill Eddy.

“Josh has been around the department since he was in kindergarten and is a second generation Gearhart firefighter,” City Administrator Chad Sweet said in making the announcement. “I’m very confident in Josh’s abilities. And I look forward to responding to emergency calls with him.”

“I have been involved with the fire department since I was 6 years old,” Como said. “That’s how old I was when my dad joined. I was a cadet when I was 14.”

It was “kind of a family affair,” Como said.

Josh Como

Josh Como has been named Gearhart’s interim fire chief.

There was a period of time where there were four Comos on the fire department: Randy Sr., Randy Jr., Josh and younger brother, Tony. Both Randy Sr. and Tony are still in the Gearhart department, Randy Sr. as assistant chief.

Eddy started with Gearhart fire in 1983 and was named chief in 2001. He announced his retirement earlier this year.

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Chief Eddy full time since 2017,” Como said. “We all knew he was retiring within the next 10 years. So we knew that was coming eventually. But they are very huge shoes to fill.”

Como is married to Trissa Como. He has four children: Tanner, Jayden, Brighton and Elianna.

Among the first items ahead for the interim chief is a potential bond vote on a new firehouse.

“A new fire department would be very beneficial to us,” Como said. “There’s a lot of stuff that goes through in that process, planning and preparing, and so I have not yet been able to review everything. And so at the time, I’m not prepared to weigh in on it. But I know that it would be very beneficial to the volunteers and the citizens of Gearhart in a huge way.”

Is he anticipating applying for the full-time chief position?

“Yes sir,” Como said. “And I was beforehand.”

For now, his hope is that he doesn’t disappoint the volunteers. “The volunteers are very important thing, the most important thing we have here in this department,” he said. “I’m hoping that we continue to keep moving forward, that nothing falls through the cracks — we don’t miss anything along the line.”

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