Teevin & Fischer Quarry

Knife River Corp. proposes to grade and replant an eastern portion of the Teevin & Fischer Quarry, seen on the left, as a steeply forested hillside once adjacent mining is finished.

Knife River Corp. is preparing for a future decommissioning of part of its Seaside quarry.

The company recently applied for a conditional use permit from the county to expand quarry operations to an 11-acre strip of land directly uphill and to the east of the existing 56-acre quarry. The land is zoned for forestry and has historically been used for commercial logging.

The company proposes to grade the strip of land at a 50 percent angle and replant it with commercial timber, turning a sheer quarry wall into a steep, forested slope once adjacent mining is complete.

“It’s just looking to the future and making sure we’re good stewards of the land,” said Tony Spilde, a spokesman for Knife River.

Knife River, one of the largest construction materials producers in the U.S., purchased the 56-acre Seaside quarry last year from local timber and mining magnate Shawn Teevin and Scappoose-based construction contractor Thomas Fischer for around $10 million, including equipment. The two had purchased the site in 2006 and operated it as Teevin & Fischer Quarry.

A quarry reclamation plan must be approved by the county and the state Department of Geology and Mineral Industries “to assure quarry sites are restored and rehabilitated in a way that accommodates other permitted land uses upon the completion of mineral and aggregate resource extraction.”

The proposed grading would occur over several years.

“We’ve got several years, many years of material there,” Spilde said.

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