Several hundred people from opposing protests stood toe-to-toe at the Turnaround in Seaside last Saturday evening.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators wore masks and hugged the south curb by the Prom, while supporters of President Donald Trump, generally unmasked with some carrying firearms, stood in front of the Lewis and Clark monument.

Chants of “four more years” and “all lives matter” juxtaposed against shouts of “Black lives matter.” Dueling public address systems vied to drown each other out.

Onlookers watched from upper floors at nearby hotels, many of them joining in the chants.

Seaside Police Chief Dave Ham, Fire Chief Joey Daniels and Seaside police officers maintained an uneasy peace between the groups.

Police closed off Broadway from Columbia to the Prom. The area was reopened to traffic by 9 p.m.

Local groups organized a counterprotest at Seaside’s City Hall at 6 p.m. after social media posts about an event led by the PNW Youth Liberation Front.

The group describes itself as a “decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action towards total liberation.”

The group of counterprotesters marched from City Hall down Broadway to the Turnaround after learning Black Lives Matter demonstrators had gathered there.

“We think BLM is backed up by a Communist organization and also antifa,” Richard Boisvert, of Astoria, said. “They’re trying to take down our government and our way of life.”

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(4) comments

Dawn Taylor

Richard Boisvert forgot to mention 5G towers, lizard people, and Hillary Clinton. God bless America.

Linda Berry

Those kids seemed like they were high or drunk. Screaming and blasting techno. They lunged at BLM w their speaker aggressively.

This article clearly favors the alt right ppl who showed up. Haley Adams’ flashed the W hand signal repeatedly - why did you choose instead to post a cute couple photo or her and her also-racist fiancé and call them activists? They aren’t “activists.” Call a racist a racist. Haley Adams, Miles Rudduck and crew are racists. They didn’t have a rally planned. They only showed up to mob the scene after BLM aligned protestors had announced a plan for a peaceful demonstration. They showed up looking for a fight. Strapped with guns. On a street jam packed w tourists and children, and mostly unmasked. ✌🏼

Stephen Malkowski

Not mentioned was the small group of christian youth who inserted themselves between the BLM and the patriots. Their joyful singing and spirited dancing to the contemporary christian music they were playing was joined by many in the surrounding crowd and provided both a buffer, and true peaceful message.

Martin Letourneau

Christian youth? Contemporary Christian music? No. There was a group of drunk frat boys CLEARLY aligned with the proud boy element who tried to shout down the BLM protesters. They were not a buffer, and they were not neutral. They were among some of the most aggressive in opposing the BLM protesters.

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