Bell Buoy

Bell Buoy received approval for beer and wine sales.

Two Seaside businesses went before the City Council last Monday seeking to expand their drink offerings.

Rick and Barbara Berry purchased the Whet Spot at 12 N. Holladay in 2020, offering 20 rotating draft selections of northwest craft beer and ciders, non-alcoholic beverages and wine by the glass.

They plan to expand the offerings at the tap room and bottle shop to a full on-premises sales license, allowing them to sell distilled spirits along with malt beverages, wine and cider. They added an additional member to the business, Matthew Ryan Lang.

The Seaside Police Department reviewed the application, Detective Sgt. Josh Gregory said in a report to city staff. The Whet Spot remains in good standing, with no calls for police service at the establishment.

Mayor Jay Barber and the City Council unanimously approved the license request.

Following the approval, Trent Hartill, of Bell Buoy, a fresh smoked fish market and fish and chips restaurant at 1800 S. Roosevelt, also spoke before the council.

“I’m interested in offering beer and wine at our restaurant,” Hartill said.

The business will be open to sell alcoholic beverages from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. There are currently 14 seats available for indoor consumption and 36 outdoor with the area being roped or fenced off from the general public.

There are no issues with Hartill, the current owner, who remains in good standing, Gregory said.

The only calls for service to this establishment of note have been a few after-hour alarm calls, and some transient activity around the premise after-hours, which would be considered outside the control of the business owner.

“So good for Seaside that we have a fresh seafood market in our town, and a place for fish-and-chips,” Barber said.

The council approved the Bell Buoy application.

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