As two principals depart, familiar faces fill new roles

Sheila Roley and Sally Francis at the Seaside School District's board of directors. Francis is retiring as executive secretary after 30 years with the district.

Seaside School District students and parents will see some new faces next year, and some familiar faces in new roles.

At the June 19 meeting, the district presented and approved a list of staff appointments. Among the new hires are a new athletic director, Aaron Tanabe and Broadway Middle School Science teacher Lynette Harthold.

Principal Jeff Roberts will continue to serve as the Gulls’ head varsity football coach as well as manage administrative duties at the high school.

Athletic director and teacher Jason Boyd will take over as assistant principal at Seaside High School. Aaron Tanabe, formerly of Valley Catholic, will serve as athletic director, assistant coach and teach social studies and physical education.

The district’s board of directors accepted the resignation of Seaside Heights Elementary School principal John McAndrews and Broadway Middle School principal Robert Rusk, both of whom will be taking new posts.

“We’ve reconfigured the team,” school district superintendent Sheila Roley said at the district’s June 19 meeting.

Natalie Osburn, who has served as Seaside’s High School’s assistant principal, was named Broadway Middle School principal. Steve Sherren will remain as assistant principal.

Rusk will take a position at Seaton High School, a Catholic prep school in Vancouver, Washington. “I will miss you guys,” Rusk said. “Thank you so much for the opportunity — but you are in great hands with Natalie and Steve.”

McAndrews heads to an elementary school in Newberg. “I wanted to thank you all for a really fantastic five years, from a great school community, from the board to Sheila, the administrative team, the teachers and of course the students parents have been really great. I’m going to miss the community and thank you very much.”

With a coming merger of Gearhart Elementary School and Seaside Heights Elementary School, Juliann Wozniak, who has been Gearhart Elementary School principal for four years, will work from Seaside Heights and serve as principal for the district’s elementary program. She will be based out of Seaside Heights until the new campus is built.

Wozniak said she is “looking forward to another adventure next year.” Jeremy Katt, who worked out of Seaside Heights, will move from his position as special services director to assistant elementary principal, based in Gearhart.

The district is in the process of looking for a special services director.

In the office, Sally Francis is leaving as executive assistant after 30 years. “When I was a first-year school principal, she was my high school secretary. We started working together in an administrator/secretary role 21 years ago.”

Leslie Garvin will assume the role of executive assistant.


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