Some people go restaurant-hunting on Yelp! or the newspaper’s dining guide.

Others find their restaurants on Craigslist. For Beth Hall, that’s how she became the owner of Angelina’s in Seaside seven years ago.

Hall, who has owned Angelina’s for seven of the restaurant’s 10 years, is moving down the road to 1815 S. Roosevelt Drive.

“When I took it over, we were doing about $300 a day,” the Cannon Beach resident said. “Now we’re doing $3,000 on weekend days.”

She attributes the success to the vision of the original owners. “It’s a great concept.”

Angela was the middle name of Krista Miller, who started Angelina’s with her husband Adrian.

“So the sauce, the dough, the recipes come from them,” Hall said.

Hall attributes the restaurant’s growing popularity to fresh ingredients. “We make the sauce fresh every day. We make the dough fresh everyday. We use the best ingredients we can find and we’re really generous.”

A former Cincinnati, Ohio, resident, Hall worked for the family restaurant Bob Evans for 25 years. “No pizza,” she said. “But lots of restaurant experience.”

She found Angelina’s in Seaside for sale on Craigslist and it turned out “better than I could ever hope. The food is great, the way we take care of the customers, hopefully, and keeping a positive, happy atmosphere every day.”

Angelina’s has three cars for delivery and 19 employees, but Hall said she still needs about 20 more at all positions to staff the 5,000-square-feet, 108-seat restaurant.

She intends to serve beer and wine and expand some menu items, introducing raviolis featuring Dungeness crab, roasted vegetables and braised beef. The menu adds fries and wings are added for the kids, replete with Hall’s own homemade wing sauce.

The new pizza oven “is probably the finest pizza oven you can buy.”

The move is scheduled for June 4.

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