Ode to the Tides

Watercolor with mixed media by Pam Haunschild.

To celebrate the aesthetic and ecological significance of Oregon’s estuaries and tide pools, the Wetlands Conservancy has partnered with the Clatsop County Cultural Coalition, Oregon Sea Grant and Institute for Natural Resources to host the “Ode to Tides” art exhibit and sale.

The exhibit, first shown at Oregon State University this month, arrives in Seaside through June.

The exhibit opens on June 1 at Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway Street and The Art-in-Loft Gallery at Beach Books 616 Broadway Street.

The traveling exhibit includes artwork of all kinds, from paintings to fiber, wood, stone, glass and ceramics. With regional and local artists displaying their work, the exhibit and sale bring together a multitude of styles and creativity.

The exhibit focuses on the plants, animals, fish, land formations and the magic of estuaries and tide pools, the rich mixing zones where freshwater from the land meets salt water from the sea. This blend creates a unique environment with abundant and diverse life. Estuaries gather nutrients from both land and sea, forming an ecosystem that contains more life per square inch than the richest midwest farmland.

Oregon’s 22 major estuaries are ecologically essential for many fish and wildlife species, including salmon, herring, flounder, crab, oysters, clams, wading birds, ducks and otters, providing habitat for reproduction, rearing, resting and foraging.

The exhibit will feature juried art for purchase. A portion of the sale of each piece of art will support The Wetlands Conservancy’s program to conserve Oregon’s Coastal estuaries.

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