The beaches are closed from the north end of Seaside to the south end, with a temporary ban on all recreational activities.

The closure is in response to efforts to reduce traffic volume, strain on the infrastructure and in support of the governor’s “Stay Home Save Lives” message, spokesman Chris Havel said.

The closure halts all recreational beach activities, Havel said, including clamming, surfing, swimming and other activities. “Where the beach is closed, it is indeed closed for all uses. Closed means closed. Full stop.”

Local law enforcement is primarily responsible for enforcing the closure, which applies to all visitors, including locals and travelers.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department clarified Seaside’s beach closure rules last week after a request from the city to the state operations center handling COVID-related issues.

“The North Coast continues to experience high traffic, especially to beaches, which puts local communities, health care workers and responders at greater risk than would otherwise occur dealing with base constituents,” Seaside officials wrote in asking for state assistance in communicating the message.

Local efforts to close approaches and entrances “have fallen short of remedying the issue.”

The request was funneled to the parks department for action.

“Effective immediately, the OPRD has closed the ocean shore between the north and south boundaries of Seaside,” the department of parks and recreation wrote in a statement.

The department did not regard the ocean shore as closed until these actions happened, Havel added. “But now it is.”

“The point here, of course, isn’t to make people find a different way down to the beach,” Havel said. “It’s to get people to stay home until this blows over. This is temporary.”

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William Quigley

The city of Seaside makes a formal request through the state's Office of Emergency Management to the Oregon State Parks and Rec , So the City council can than use the Stats Parks and Rec Dept . to be the scapegoats. How the residents of Seaside put up with this nonsense , I have no idea.

William Quigley

Just a thought why not make entrances a one way system , since you have closed all entrances to the beach , make one entrance to get on the beach and another entrance to get off the beach. This would ensure people would not brush pass each other either entering or leaving the area.

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