Construction of the upscale, four-story 65-room Saltline Hotel in Seaside is entering the final stages, with finish work, furnishings, siding and details underway. Owner Masudur Khan, Seaside Lodging co-owner and managing director, said he is planning to open July 15.

The opening of the new hotel was originally planned for June 1.

At a site visit, project engineer Mark Mead said an industrywide supply chain delay was the hardest part of the construction process.

“You can’t get it (materials) for three weeks and you ordered it two months ago,” Mead said.

A slew of big construction throughout the North Coast is stretching labor and supply resources, he said, and measures to meet state health standards and distancing at the work site during the COVID-19 pandemic add another layer.

Project manager Ryan Keck said he is confident Saltline will meet the new target date. “It’s had its out-of-the-norm challenges with the pandemic, but construction never goes without a hitch,” Keck said. “We’ve adjusted and tried to get it done and done right and get it open soon.”

“We’ve had all hands on deck to make it happen,” Mead added.

Khan said staffing, especially at the front desk and housekeeping, is very hard.

Saltline still has 10 to 15 positions to fill.

European student workers, usually a mainstay at local lodging facilities during the busy season, “did not show up. We are having a huge issue finding people.”

Khan believes the wait will be worth it.

Saltline, originally budgeted at $11 million, offers a swimming pool, spa, massage room, meeting areas, ocean views and high-end amenities, including internet services suitable for business use.

Guest rooms — suites, double-queen and king — dominate the second, third and fourth floors. The ground floor provides offices and guest services, including the pool.

Khan said the hotel would bring a “special lifestyle experience, something unique,” to Seaside. The hotel includes easy access to the Seaside Civic and Convention Center and the beach is only one block away.

Seaside Lodging owns and manages the Inn at Seaside, the River Inn at Seaside, the Coast River Inn and City Center Motel. The Gilbert Inn and the Inn at Haystack Rock are operated by Khan’s wife, Taslema Sultana.

Since reopening Seaside Lodging’s other properties on June 5, occupancy rates are running about 20% to 30% less than a year ago, Khan said.

“This year will be tough for everybody but at least we see some traveling,” he said. “Weekends are sold out. People are not too scared. Hotels are providing all kinds of safety procedures and hygiene. I’m hopeful at this point. I’m hoping another wave doesn’t come and we have to shut down again.”

Khan issued a plea to city officials to “do a little bit better” in promoting physical distancing and safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus. “I know they cannot force a lot of stuff, but they can always advise,” Khan said.

He said not enough visitors wear masks or maintain physical distancing. “I see a lot of people in and out, and 10% are wearing masks or keeping or social distance. It seems important to observe the recommendations. I don’t see the city is doing it. It would be terrible for another shutdown.”

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