The Pacific Way Cafe at the southeast corner of Pacific Way and Cottage in Gearhart will close after serving as a gathering place and special occasion dining destination for 32 years.

After meeting with chef Geoff Gunn on Saturday, owners Lisa and John Allen told their 20 full-time and part-time employees that the cafe will permanently close because of financial impacts from the coronavirus pandemic.

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AA Gearhart should reapply for the PPP - the money is there, don’t let your bank work you over! There are people who can help assist to get what you need!

AA Gearhart

Can we start a gofundme account to get you guys over the hump of this? Gearhart and the world need you!! And someone could help to secure the government’s PPP funding. We can’t let that be the take down factor for you!

Patricia Mickelsen

I am so sad to hear of your closure. My husband and I love coming to your wonderful restaurant when we come to visit our house In Gearhart. I have told many people in Oregon and in Arizona where we currently live about the fabulous restaurant and the memories. I am unhappy there is not more that can be done. There is nowhere like this on the Oregon coast. If anything changes pls update.

lorinda gayl

My husband and I retired in July of last year and moved to Surf Pines. The very first restaurant we visited was this one. We loved the food, the ambience and the employees. We really looked forward to visiting again and again. It's hard not to use bad language when commenting about this restaurant's closure. There was never any reason to close down our country's economy and there sure as heck isn't any reason for Oregon to continue closure of any businesses until July! Our governor seems determined to shut down all small business in Oregon. We are extremely sorry that so many people who have worked tirelessly to make a go of their small businesses are having to give it all up, especially after so many successful years. Words just can't express how angry we are.

Michael Shea

This news is devastating, as The Pacific Way Cafe has been a trusted, homey and wonderful spot for us for over 12 years. The owners are like family in the morning with our incredible pastry, and at night over a fire and wonderful meal. The decor is something that only time, love and patina can create. This is a sad, sad day indeed, and I know the owners are equally gutted. Many thanks for the memories, and the fact that no response was given for PPP, yet somehow Fortune 500 companies were first in line after years of a bull market makes me very, very angry. These owners deserved some relief after all the service over the years as well as being a part of the cultural fabric and charm that is Gearhart. We appreciate you, and will sorely miss you!!!

Danni McLaughlin

I love this place and all the people that work there. This news is heartbreaking and I just wanted to say thank you for a restaurant that was perfection. I will be first in line in June at the bakery. I wish you well. ❤️❤️❤️

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